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The Importance of Leadership In 2017


As 2016 comes to a close, it's important to reflect on what happened, but more importantly, what is to come. One thing that is certain to come: Baby Boomer retirement. The stock market has swelled since the election. Much of the reasons is that with with a Republican led government, it is assumed that the administration will be pro business. Who knows if this is what will actually happened, but if history repeats itself, it's a fairly safe bet.

This will cause Baby Boomer exit acceleration. When the market does well, people feel more confident retiring. This is going to place an even greater emphasis on the importance of effective leadership development. Let's be clear here: To become an effective manager, you have to be an effective leader.

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What Execs Are Saying About T&D Needs


This is common: End of year slow-down at work. It is a wonderful time for me to clean-up, think, reach-out, and get caught up on the thousands of things that don't get done during the year. For those that have never run a training program, let me share a little insight: It is far more work than it looks like. As a result, our office looks like a war zone: Computers need updating with a good month of organization usually needs to happen. Thus, this is a great time of the season.

During this time is usually when I reach out to executives inside large companies to catch up, listen to trends, and get a pulse on what they're thinking for the following year. This year, more than ever, I am hearing a very consistent theme:

Training Needs To Apply Directly To Business Outcomes

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