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What Execs Are Saying About T&D Needs


This is common: End of year slow-down at work. It is a wonderful time for me to clean-up, think, reach-out, and get caught up on the thousands of things that don't get done during the year. For those that have never run a training program, let me share a little insight: It is far more work than it looks like. As a result, our office looks like a war zone: Computers need updating with a good month of organization usually needs to happen. Thus, this is a great time of the season.

During this time is usually when I reach out to executives inside large companies to catch up, listen to trends, and get a pulse on what they're thinking for the following year. This year, more than ever, I am hearing a very consistent theme:

Training Needs To Apply Directly To Business Outcomes

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Game Theory vs. Behavioral Economics vs. Game Mechanics


When I'm talking with perspective customers, I often have to reference economic game theory, behavioral economics, and game mechanics. You can practically hear them fog over in boredom and discomfort about where the discussion is going. A couple sentences later, most are very interested in what all this means, why/how it applies, and how it can actually be used. This is a short article about what,why, and how. Here goes:

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Huffington Post Article About HR and Strategy


Huffington Post did a piece based on an article I wrote some time back. Hope you enjoy this:

If you’re like most people, you probably see Human Resources as the department that takes care of a company’s employees. It makes sure that the company is in compliance with policies and procedures. It’s there to ensure that each employee is treated fairly.

Pretty cut and dry, right?

But what if Human Resources had more to offer to an organization? What if it had a more prominent role in shaping the overall direction of the company?

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Three Lessons from 10+ Years of Writing Sims

Business -Simulaitons-Lessons

I've been creating business simulations for a pretty long time. Over 15 years, but over 13 years creating simulations for Fortune 500 companies. This has translated into over 100 custom sims and too many to count tailored of off the shelf solutions. Equally importantly, I've facilitated probably well over 500 programs for executives world wide. Some companies include Boeing, Caterpillar, Astrazenecca, Orbitz, McDonalds, and a ton more.

There are things I've learned that are probably worth sharing. Let's have a look at three lessons. Why three, because it feels balanced.

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