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Mac OS 10.12 'Sierra' and Storage Optimization

012-macos-sierra-970-80Apple just released Mac OS 10.12 called Sierra. Apple is unfortunately getting desperate to increase revenue.

There is a 'feature' in the update called 'Disk Optimization'. Sounds awesome right? Apple basically starves the world of disk space so they're nice enough to 'optimize' your disk storage. NOPE! Its a terrible way to extract more money from you and really leave you stranded.

What this does is this, and its nothing short of very very mean…

- This feature is turned 'On' by default after you update
- This feature takes everything that is stored on your desktop and in your documents folder and copies it to your iCloud disk (iCloud disk is your hard disk in the 'cloud').
- This feature then deletes the file on your local computer - WHAT?!?!

Two HUGE problems with this: 1) What happens if you're traveling and you need that file.. Whoops… sorry, its in the cloud and you're not on the internet. 2) Apple will 'automagically' charge your credit card for iCloud storage (which will get expensive very quickly).

As I've talked about on numerous occasions… you want to turn off most iCloud services you can. It is an evil feature and very unnecessary in general.

So, here's a good article all about optimization. You really don't need this so turn off as much as you can. But in general, I think iCloud is junk so you probably should have most of it off anyway.

Best yet, when you upgrade, opt-out of disk optimization. But here's the article: