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The Importance of Leadership In 2017


As 2016 comes to a close, it's important to reflect on what happened, but more importantly, what is to come. One thing that is certain to come: Baby Boomer retirement. The stock market has swelled since the election. Much of the reasons is that with with a Republican led government, it is assumed that the administration will be pro business. Who knows if this is what will actually happened, but if history repeats itself, it's a fairly safe bet.

This will cause Baby Boomer exit acceleration. When the market does well, people feel more confident retiring. This is going to place an even greater emphasis on the importance of effective leadership development. Let's be clear here: To become an effective manager, you have to be an effective leader.

On the other side of the equation, what are todays' managers looking for from an effective Leadership Development Program?

3 Characteristics Managers Are Looking For From Leadership Development

1. Demonstration That Training Has an Impact on Business Outcomes- In all the managers I talk with, a significant number of them suggest they are desperately looking to understand how the training content will impact the business. Even more specifically, they are looking to see how using the content will further their promotability. This isn't surprising. Most people are looking for ways to make sure they are able to effectively contribute the enterprise as a whole.

2. The Training Must Be Engaging- Boring slides and piles of paper are long gone. The days of situational training are here (and have been). People want to be engaged and one of the best ways to do this is by challenging them. When you create a training program, think about ways to push the participants past their limits. This will engage and prepare participants for the future

3. Create a Foundation of Business Acumen and Innovation- Tomorrow's business leaders need to have sharp business acumen and a keen sense of innovation. Business is moving faster by the day. Giving tomorrow's leaders exposure to effective business management and innovative ways of thinking will benefit the manager and the enterprise.

Looking forward to 2017, it is important for manager and training managers to think about the role they'll play in leadership. The day is very rapidly approaching where today's managers will be tomorrow’s leaders. Let's get ahead of the curve in 2017 and begin to prepare tomorrow's today.